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Personalisation Options

Your options are: Embroidery on the front in two positions and heat transfer print on the back (where garment allows).

 Guide to standard positions

Please read the following to ensure you understand what can and can't be produced using our service.


How to use the webshop

This site is designed to help individuals create their own personalised leisurewear and sports clothing and whilst we are more than happy to provide our services to businesses we would ask you to email us to make any trade enquiries.

Our customers are generally keen pub-goers, sportspeople, members of clubs and societies and individuals with their own sense of style. Many use our products to make personal statements about their views of the world and we’re happy to help them do this as long as the message isn’t abusive to others. We’re pretty sure most publicans would encourage witty banter but wouldn’t want anyone to be causing offence in their establishments - keep it light, keep it clean, have fun with your gear.

We offer clothing for all the family and whilst we wouldn’t encourage anyone to display a pub logo on children’s clothing, this is ultimately left to the discretion of parents, as we have found that many customers of buy personalised clothing gifts for children and other relatives. That's what we're all about!

We also offer digital gift vouchers that you can email to friends to use on the site.


How to make a purchase: 

  1. Browse around and find the items you are interested in from our extensive range (which is updated from time to time).
  2. Personalise your garments using the options available - At the moment, you have the option of left and/or right breast embroidery (with or without your pub logo), your own initials, name or other text message on the front and heat transfer print on the back using up to 50 characters on up to five lines, using block type (Arial bold). This will be in white on dark garments and black on light garments. The pub logo will be determined by the publican and will have a light and dark option (e.g. gold or wine red depending on the colour of the garment.)
  3. Once you've made your choices click the 'Add to Cart' button, then checkout and pay - it’s easy and SECURE! We don’t see your details.
  4. Leave the rest to us - remember, every item is unique and orders are normally completed and dispatched within 14 working days. if there are any issues with your order you will be emailed to keep you informed. It is important to realise that once personalised a garment is non-returnable so please check the various size charts that appear on most product pages.

In the near future the range of options will be expanded to cover more techniques and increased personalisation opportunities.


Other things you need to know about Printing & Embroidery and what we need from you

The most common methods of printing onto garments include embroidery, heat transfer and direct to garment (DTG) ink-based process.
We primarily offer embroidery and heat transfer options but can also offer direct to garment should your requirements demand this.
If you wish to make quantity orders, we are happy to talk you through the most suitable printing method(s) for your needs which will most often be determined by the original artwork and the look you are trying to create, the quantities involved and your budget.



Information if you are setting up your own mypubgear wwwebshop.

As a general rule, the better your artwork, the better the results. If you send artwork that will result in poor quality, we will normally let you know and give you the option to send better artwork, have artwork created by us (at additional cost), use an alternative process (e.g. using text) or cancel the order.

The EPS format allows us to manipulate and scale your artwork most effectively.

Get your artwork set up in an EPS format and upload to us from the CUSTOMISATION page. This doesn’t just mean hitting ‘Save As and choosing .eps format. The artwork must be Vector outline graphics NOT photographic (which uses pixels). If you cannot provide this format, we can help you achieve what you need at additional cost - normally within a £20 to £30 range.

You can also send us images/ideas through the post, which we can convert at additional cost.


Photographs & Logos

Currently we cannot process photographs. If you have a photograph and want to use it on your garment, please be aware of the limitations and the potential costs involved in trying to recreate the same look. We are very happy to talk you through these issues and discuss the potential outcomes. We would also draw your attention to any copyright issues to protect you from expensive litigation - avoid using other people's work or established logos without appropriate clearance.


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Creating Your Own Range?

Whatever you want to wear, we can supply

We have a huge range of garments in varying qualities and price points, with a range of styles and colours to choose from. If there is something you specifically want to wear, let us know. if we can source it, you can have it and we work with a wide range of suppliers.


Ethical T Shirts

We are able to offer a wide range of ethically made t shirts and are able to provide a description of the manufacturers' policies and ethics as well as the level of commitment they have undertaken during the creation of the garments towards both people and the environment.

Bespoke T Shirts

We are able to offer a totally bespoke service - create your own shirt, design and colourway and we will manufacture them to exactly your specification. Stand out from the crowd by creating and wearing your own brand.



No order is too small and none is too large. The more you buy, the lower the price.


Lead times.

The more notice we have, the less stressful the process for all involved.

We work towards a 10 working day turnaround time from sign off.



We offer a re-labelling service.

You create your own label (or let us do it for you) and we’ll insert your own label into either off-the-shelf items or directly into your bespoke range.

Please contact us for more information on all of the above services.



Often perceived to be more expensive than printing, embroidery is a longer lasting option than other forms of printing although there is a small, one off set up charge (around. £20, artwork dependent) and so is most cost-effective where quantities are involved. It is ideal for presenting a high quality appearance to any garment, especially when using a company logo, name or initials. 

If you’re interested in exploring how embroidery can work for you, please send your artwork to us in any of our preferred formats and we will convert it and return to you for your approval.

If you are unsure about printing versus embroidery, we can send you samples of both and discuss your best options.